Who. Are. You?

By Sgt Cynthia Marlowe

We all have moments when we look at a Police Officer and ask the riddling question, Who.Are.You? Sometimes we gain a sense of knowing a little bit in general conversations, and sometimes we just don’t know. I would like to take a moment to answer those questions about someone I have come to know over the years, Detective Derrick Longoria.

Detective Longoria began his journey with the Richmond Police Department in June of 2006 when he was a young 20 years old as member of the 97th Basic Recruit Class. He celebrated turning 21 years old learning what all it took to become one of RPD’s finest. At a young age Derrick knew that his path would lead him to Public Servant hood in some way shape or form. He grew up in poverty in the city seeing things that no child or adult should ever experience. He made a vow to himself that he would make a change in his community and to this day holds that very near and dear to his heart. He sits with me with the big contagious “D-Lo”, as he’s well known as, and says “If I can change the community even by one percent that I have fulfilled the vow I made to myself so many years ago.

Derrick recalls his first assignment with the Department with a glow about his face. He work midnight shift in Sector 213, along the Jefferson Davis Highway corridor. He is proud to say that he had the best shift and worked alongside of the best men and women who shared his goals of helping those in need. He expresses that the “sky was the limit”.

Detective Longoria set a goal for himself and is already well on his way to succeeding them all. His 5-15 year goal was to become a Detective, which he had already achieved, and to see Promotion prior to his 15th year. Derrick also has in place a 20-25 year goal, to influence others as much as he possibly can leading him into his retirement. He can be seen providing positive influence to younger Officers by attending roll calls where he shares his knowledge, as well as out in his community by getting to know the citizens in which he serves on a personal side getting to know their families and interests. Derrick utters that he has been blessed throughout his career thus far in the sense that he has not had to experience hardships. He does say that he has had his ups and downs from time to time but knows that Richmond Police Department has been a great fit. Derrick has seen some amazing achievements to include, a Life Saving Award as well as a Valor Award which he speaks fondly of. He discloses to me that he  talked to a female who was on a bridge thinking about hanging herself as she jumped, and he was able to talk to her as he would want someone to talk to his loved ones resulting in her coming down from the ledge and seeking help. He also speaks of the time where he risked his own life, saving a family from a burning building.

As you can clearly see thus far Detective Longoria makes great strides in bettering the community in which he serves. But his love doesn’t stop there. Outside of being a member of the Richmond Police Department he the devote husband to “the best wife ever” and a loving father to two beautiful little girls, ages 9 and 6. He enjoys ever moment he can with his family and strives to be the best dad that he can by teaching his girls new things each and every day. Derrick laughs when I ask him, what makes D- Lo..well D- Lo? He tells me that it doesn’t take much. Throw in his love of his family, hunting, and fishing and sometime of his four wheeler and that’s him in a nut shell. I, myself, was surprised to learn that Derrick loves all things DIY and cooking. He says if he wasn’t in Law Enforcement he would build things because, why spend money buying something you can make yourself. At the end of our time together I advise him that I will need to test out his cooking, to which he replies “it’ll be so good lol”

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