Our Cause – Be RPD

Barry Couples said, “We’re only hostages to our inability to drive change.” Individuals can make an impact,committed individuals from groups and created causes, and communities turn causes into movements. Together, we overcome differences and make a change. No one individual or organization can stop the origins of crime, fear, or the feeling of victimization. Therefore, Be RPD is a call to action, to become a cause to create partnerships to build foundations for safe communities where we can all live and grow.

Be RPD is not a recruitment tool. It is a platform to document our efforts to our cause and tell stories of citizens and officers working together to improve the lives of our residents.You don’t have to work for the police department to Be RPD.  The requirements: You are not willing to settle for the status quo from fear of crime, and you are eager to partner with us to improve all communities. Together, we will continue to make our city safe.

Join our cause, share in our story, and Be RPD.

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