Biddy Basketball

Our Biddy Basketball program gives our officers an opportunity to reach our youngest citizens in the city of Richmond. We believe the children are our future and we want to make a difference early on in their lives. The images that are memorialized through photos show an image of family. Officers are coaching hard, mentoring and training “Kids to Become Champions in Life”. Our wonderful parents have embraced this relationship while cheering on their kids to be the best that they can possibly be. Whether it is a great shot or an assist given to a teammate, it’s a positive relationship formed.

Our officers have completely bought in to changing lives, so much that they bring their own children to be a part of this experience. Walls are coming down between the police and the community. Officers and parents are allowing themselves become vulnerable towards one another. All parties are promoting positive values. Integrity, Trust, Safety, Respect, Leadership and the ability to work as a team. When we do these simple things well, we excel as a community.

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