A Birthday Surprise

On Saturday April 25th 2020, Sergeant Jernigan received a call from a former neighbor who told him his 9 year old son cried himself to sleep because COVID-19 wouldn’t allow all of his friends to celebrate his birthday. Sergeant Jernigan worked out a special birthday present for his son.  Sgt. Jernigan contacted Lieutenant Marland and all four precincts. In short order, 12 officers representing all precincts assembled on a nearby street.  Lt. Marland made sure James was outside when the police cars drove by with their blue lights on and captured the entire event on video. Each officer slowed down and wished him a “Happy Birthday” A short time later, the Richmond Department of Emergency Communications called the family and sang Happy Birthday to him.  Needless to say, his birthday was far more special than he had expected.  The family texted a message saying “He went to bed saying…this was the best birthday EVER”

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