Third Precinct Officer Appreciation Wall

After “Minneapolis,” some vocal and internet savvy people lumped in the highly professional Richmond officers with agencies that do not live up to our high standards of conduct and training. Third Precinct has been the epicenter of protests and negativity directed towards your officers. It’s reasonable to assume that negative comments can have a toll on the morale of any agency after a period of time. When things were most bleak, we received a “Thank You” card from a family showing support for all Third Precinct officers. Over the last two months, the “We Support You” waterspout opened, and we received numerous cards by mail or in-person from those who want to share their support during these trying times. All want to say: “You are not alone!”; “We know you are there when we call”; and “We support you in our time of need.”

There are over 18,000 law enforcement agencies in the United States, each with its way of policing. We live in an interconnected world where messages can connect thousands of people in nanoseconds. Lauded in Pre-Pandemic Times (PPT), the Richmond Police Department is known nationwide for providing world-class proactive community policing.

Richmond is not just a city or a loosely-knitted community. Richmond is a family, a family that supports one another. The officers of Third Precinct are so appreciative of all the cards and letters of support that we created the Third Precinct Officer Appreciation Wall. Your officers only need to look at the three walls and remember our profession has meaning and our family supports what we do.

We know there are far more people in the community who support the Richmond Police Department than social media portrays. We have the Officer Appreciation Wall, and the tangible letters and cards, which last longer than a negative social media post lasting a nanosecond.

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