Chief’s Corner

I want to welcome you to the Richmond Police Department’s “Be RPD” website.

Smith, William C- Deputy Chief (12-19-2018)

While the challenges of today’s policing oftentimes causes consternation, all employees of this fine law enforcement institution proudly serve those who live, work and play in our Capitol City with Excellence, Integrity and Justice. This website will tell our story, as well as the stories of those in our community who support and work with us in our continuing efforts to safeguard our communities.

The RPD is very fortunate to have a diverse workforce with each employee being unique in his or her own way. The testimonials shared on this website reveal who we are as a police department and as individuals. Oftentimes those who we serve forget that we are no different from them. When we take off our uniforms we too are fathers, mothers, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters and friends. We are parents to children, grandchildren, fostered and adopted. We face many of the same life challenges just as any other person in society faces.

It is my hope that something that you read or hear from the testimonials on this website will allow you to gain a better knowledge of those that are here to serve and protect you.

Again, welcome to- Be RPD and looking forward to you becoming part of our story.


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