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I want to welcome you to the Richmond Police Department’s “Be RPD” website.


My overarching strategy for the Richmond Police Department is one of Public Safety, not law enforcement. My vision of public safety is a well-rounded approach based on intervention and prevention strategies, law enforcement strategies, and restorative strategies. We must accomplish traditional policing tasks efficiently and effectively, while focusing on developing broad strategies that address restorative justice, intervention, and community based public safety programs. These are conceptually widely separated but will combine to support the building of greater trust, reduction of crime and fear, and provide equity for all. We create the foundation by which leadership is fostered and developed through challenging assignments, guided workload, and acceptance of risk taking.

Our intervention and prevention strategies must identify persons at risk of developing dangerous behavior and linking them with effective services, followed by further interaction to support their development and growth. Prevention strategies must focus on the community and the threats to their safety. We must utilize creative and effective communication methods that are used and understood by our target audience. We have compiled a comprehensive list of programs and organizations within government and the private sector that support a variety of community needs.The key to their success is to provide continuing support to those in need of services as they develop stronger life skills.

Our law enforcement strategies are based on the concept of empowering creativity and critical thinking in the development of crime fighting strategies. We manage our resources and assess our success through detail measurement. Every component area of RPD must be accountable for meeting certain performance expectations through weekly performance review with a focus on addressing the overall effectiveness or efficiency of the Department. We create a culture of creativity, empowering leaders to develop new ideas and methods to provide services.

Our restorative programs are our newest area of development and requires the most attention. We seek out and develop creative opportunities to engage communities with reduced or negative trust of Department. We address historical, national, and media-based predispositions and encourage honest dialogue to address shortcomings. We are creating an acceptance of potential failure in developing non­ traditional programs. We are determined to provide support for those who have been in the criminal justice system by providing opportunities to engage in dialogue on the needs and challenges of those returning to the community. We are focused on returning felons and those who suffer from addiction by supporting programs who provide services and support for these groups. Further, we are establishing advisory panels composed of members of these groups to provide insight and advice on the development of future strategies and programs.


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