We strive to be innovative in our messaging to the community. We used nationally recognized photos taken by Kathy Thompson and James Mercante to begin to tell our story.


Looking out for your mental health with RBHA’s Kelly Furgurson

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Be RPD is more than the department. It is the community we serve and the experiences we share. This is one such video showing how the Be RPD community can help turn tragedy into triumph – This is Ken Decker’s story.

When lively people talk, big things can happen. Either through Coffee with a Cop or a chance meeting on the street, when members of the extended Be RPD community sit and talk they share concerns and discover ways to improve the community. Third Precinct recently held Coffee with a Cop at the Greenbrier Cafe and Coffeehouse. Come out to one of the events and bring your ideas and share in our story.  

Coffee with a Cop - Brown Logo

The Richmond Homicide Support Group began in March 2008. It was born out of necessity – the need for a place of support and healing for survivors of homicide victims. Survivors and group members help each other feel less isolated by connecting with others; give and receive support; help to gain an understanding of loss and grief; help promote change, growth and restoration. It is unfortunate that we find ourselves on this journey, but we don’t have to walk the road alone.


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